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European Projects Inclusion & Learning enhancement

Spill wants to connect experience and knowledge around learning and inclusion. On this page we list some European projects in which we have participated. They have led to numerous practical applications. That knowledge and experience remains available through a number of publications – books, articles and DVDs – that are still current.

ASUMIE (Additional Support and Mediation for Inclusive Education) (2020-23) is a KA2 Erasmus+ project led by the AP University College of Antwerp (BE), with partners in Milan, Evora (PT), Portoroz (SLO), Prague (Cz), Varna (BG) and Voss (NO). It aims to support supporters in inclusive education by exchanging experiences about methods and systems of support , knowledge about cognitive learning-enhancing methodologies, and setting up an online open course (MOOC). Website www.asumie.eu

Enablin+ (Enabling and Including Young People with Complex and Intense Support Needs) was a European Leonardo project (2014-2017) with 8 partners (NL, BE, FR, RO, BG, PT, IT), led by the University of Antwerp (BE), with the aim of designing and testing an interdisciplinary training for various professional groups and parents who work with children with severe multiple disabilities, with an emphasis on inclusion, quality of life, communication, activation, learnability. A training book is downloadable in 8 languages. Also a DVD with good practice examples. Have a look at the project description and website

DISTINC (Developing Inservice training for Inclusive Education) ran from 2010-2013 within the Comenius Programme, led by the Bogagici University of Istanbul. Together with six partners from five countries (Turkey, Poland, Belgium, Portugal and the United Kingdom), we have developed an in-service program for primary school teachers, to improve their skills and knowledge about inclusive classroom practices, especially for children learning – and encounter barriers to participation. The teachers’ guide with DVD is available in English, Dutch, Turkish, Polish and Portuguese. The project led to follow-up projects in the partner countries. Have a look at the project summary and publications

DAFFODIL (Dynamic Assessment oF Functioning and Oriented at Development and Inclusive Learning) (2008-11), with partners from 7 countries (BE, HU, SE, RO, PT, NO, VG), focused on “assessment (evaluation) & coaching”: how do the way and the methods with which children with difficulties are assessed ( both the functional evaluation and the learning performance evaluation), influence their participation in education? Does this hinder inclusive learning, or are there ways to promote inclusive education? Guidelines were composed; a book and DVD were published. View the project sheet and publications….

INCLUES,Sleutels tot  INclusief  Onderwijs en Cognitieve Leerbevordering (2003-6) was a European Network project (BE, IT, ES, UK, RO, NO, LV, CZ) to promote Inclusive Education along with cognitively oriented education, which aimed to promote learning processes and learning how to learn. One of the results is a still current book and DVD, an international course, two special issues of the Transylvanian Journal of Psychology, all kinds of local courses and initiatives. View the project sheet and publications…
(INclusive education of children with developmental disabilities through basic Skill Instruction and Developmental Education) (1998-2000) with 4 European countries (BE, NO, UK & RO) led by Pedverket from Voss (NO), brought together three approaches actively working towards inclusive education and learning promotion: Feuerstein’s Mediated Learning Experience, Nyborg’s Concept Teaching Model, and Sue Buckley’s Methods of Reading, teaching writing and arithmetic in children with Down syndrome. It led to the book “How to activate cognitive development of children with or at risk of developmental or learning problems inside  the educational system?” which was also translated into English, Czech, Spanish and Latvian. Read more…